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May 25th, 2009



Here’s the picture I blogged a few days ago all finished. It is one of two little painting drawings that I’m sending to a group show in the ArtPort – Associazione Artistico Culturale in Italy. Also taking part are:

Ango The Meek Dead—–Leah Beeferman—–Jacopo Casadei—–Vanni Cuoghi—–Paolo De Biasi—–Angelo Di Dedda—Simone El Rana—–Pierpaolo Febbo—–Laura Giardino—–Daniele Giunta—–Gola—–Agnese Guido—–Massimo Gurnari—–Johannes Hoie—–Brooke Inman—–Philip Jaan—–Emanuele Kabu—–Lady Bug—–Pia-MÈlissa Laroche—–Eleonora Marton—–Simone Masetto Maghe—–Dario Molinaro—–Andrea Moriero—–Luca Zedone Nespolon—–Cosimo Piediscalzi—–Marina Rees—–Michael Rotondi—–RyTs Monet—–Andrew Smaldone—–Mauro Suspectra—–Tellas—-Tone—–Ueia Lolta—–FrÈdÈrique Ulman—–

The theme is Earth. I did a picture set in a hot place and another in a cold place. I will put the second picture up here later on in the week.

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  1. Berlusconi Smith comments:

    You need to change your name to something italian,
    Patrico Gildislivio or something.
    Maybe Bindino Onna Indiano

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