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Birds greeting cards

April 19th, 2013







Here are some bird themed greeting cards I’ve made. They’ve sold out on my shop but I should be getting a new batch printed soon…




January 25th, 2013


This will be available as a print soon… keep your eyes peeled

Update! Click here to buy 

Designers Against Child Slavery 2012

November 14th, 2012

Here’s an illustration I made for the upcoming Designers Against Child Slavery charity auction in New York  on 3rd December. The theme for the show is “Reclaim”. The show has a facebook page and tickets are being sold here.

Kung fu

May 31st, 2011


Here’s an illustration I made for  The Kung Fu Daily Times. It was a lotta fun to make. You can see a much bigger one here.


October 6th, 2009




Here’s an illustration I did for .Cent magazine. It accompanies a little story that is too long for me to explain here. The general gist is that a load of people get separated from their loved ones and then try to find them again.

The story in full

July 19th, 2009





Yosh! Here is the full story of the boy in the jungle. This four page comic type thing was made for Faesthetic #11, the “Ghost Story” issue. My first comic since primary school!

Fire on fire

June 12th, 2009





Here is my illustration for the last ever issue of plan B magazine. The article was a review of the new Fire on fire album, “The Orchard”.

Oh, Think Faest, cause it’s another day for you

April 27th, 2009


and me in paradise. Here’s page one of a set of four pages I did for the latest edition of Faesthetic magazine. It is Faesthetic #11, and the theme is “Ghost Story”. The mag consists of 128 pages by 40 artists in two colours. Have a look see at what it looks like see. My chunk of the mag is a little story involving a man and a jungle jaguar.

Beardo illo

January 30th, 2009





Here’s my illustration for the February issue (out 29th Jan) of Bearded magazine. The article is a feature with Pagan Wanderer Lu. I was told that Mr Lu spoke about his new LP like this: “It jumps all over the place: it’s a bit weird, noisy and more downbeat. The songs change, but they change slowly like a majestic moose evolving from a lowly shrew.” My brief was pretty much to do something based around the moosey shrew idea.

Isle of misfits

January 27th, 2009


If you are anywhere near Ottawa at the moment (Alaska, America or Russia for example) go there and look at some of my pictures. I am in a group show at Canteen gallery called The Isle misfits. Here’s the theme of the show:

“For the january group show, Canteen invited each artist to offer his or her interpretation of a fantasy sanctuary – or sanatorium – populated by people, animals, objects, and toys that are somehow not quite right.”